Friday, October 19, 2012

Paola Cantagalli FWPTY 2012 (Day 1)

To say that this was my favorite collection made by a national designer would totally be an understatement. It was so delightful to get a tiny glimpse of it with the invitation, get hooked & then enjoy a collection which I can say was the most upgraded & international looking of them all. It had a concept (modernity, urban feeling & architectural lines) and you could see it in every piece, wether it was in a dart, a peplum or simply in the blocking of black & white.

Another thing that captured me was the designer's evolution & the well management of the brand, I say this because last year she presented a collection that was completely inspired in a yacht trip to Capri, a collection that was purely resort & cocktail categorized. 

These days, Paola achieved to show another side of her range as fashion designer, this collection showed her talent doing modern femininity, versatile pieces that can be used for work & for after hours events, a 360 degrees change that still had the "Paola Cantagalli" label spread all over it. 

The detailing is meticulous & the combination of fabrics & mesh is sexy yet elegant, the use of Swarovskis crystals shone the clothes in a different light, a light where Paola steps into the front line as one of the strongest talents in the new generation of panamanian fashion designers.  Be sure to check our Facebook Fan Page because we will be uploading the pictures from her Trunk Show with close ups of the pieces. 

Sometimes you don't have to overact & stuff things to make them beautiful, simplicity can be the most elegant thing. 

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