Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lookbook: Vergara & Vergara Couture


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Vergara&Vergara Coutures is one of the best designers in Panama these days, they won Best Collection at FWP so I was very pleased to work with these guys cause I’ve believed in their work from the beginnings.
Here is a little collaboration we had for their last collection called Baroque Manifest, aside from the photos I was the producer of their fashion show which include special lights arrangements & a short video that was presented as a pre-lude during their show, here it is as my Christmas present :)
I hope you have a joyful, amazing time with your loved ones, may all of the love & luck that exists in the universe land in your life as a gift from God, keep a positive mind & remember, a smile will always open doors for you, give a smile to someone & I am sure that person will thank you for it :)
Hugs & Kisses

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