Monday, November 19, 2012

.MCMA. FWPTY 2012 (Day 1)


"The ultimate thing behind the song is that if you don't express yourself, if you don't say what you want, then you're not going to get it. And in effect you are chained down by your inability to say what you feel or go after what you want. No matter how in control you think are about sexuality in a relationship there is always the power struggle... always a certain amount of compromise. Of being beholden, if you love them. You do it because you choose to. No one put the chain around this neck but me. I wrote 'Express Yourself' to tell women around the world that pick and choose the best for yourself, before that chain around your neck, kills you instead. It's my take on how man can express what they want, the same prerogative should be there for a woman too."

-       Madonna explained to Becky Johnston in the May 1989 issue of Interview

The best part about fashion is the fun factor, where you can dare to be a rebel & defy the norm. Madonna has not only preached that in her songs but throughout her style evolution & that has made her a true & genuine inspiration for billions in this world.

Two of that huge crowd are Carolina & me, designer of MCMA. This collection was fully inspired in the Material Girl & her love of self-confidence through fashion.

This must have been one of my favorites of all the FWPTY collections, not only because of the Madonna factor (big factor to be sincere) but also because of the easiness & for the fact that the clothes really had the Madonna gene, it included the crosses of her Like A Virgin years, the hair accessories from her Holiday video, the leather from the Papa Don’t Preach (The Immaculate Collection!), the skin showing of Open Your Heart & even the white maxi dresses that totally remind me of her Bedtime Story performance at the 1995 Brit Awards. 

I will now shut up because when it comes to Madonna I get too intense & start talking like a drunk for hours…

PD: oh & the video that’s above, that’s just me, Carolina & my friends: Eliana, Alejandra & Javier having fun & singing along Madonna. Thanks a million to Tantalo Hotel/ Kitchen / Rooftop for letting us crash your beautiful building! 

"You must be my lucky star 'cause you shine on me wherever you are." 

You can buy a lot of the pieces from this collection at La Botica!

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