Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Ball to remember…

I think this is the day all fashionista is waiting for the whole year. The Super Bowl of the fashion world.
Since we are celebrating Alexander McQueen this gala was meant to be pure extravaganza, show stopping dresses
& gowns walked the red stairs, stairs that lead the path to the exhibition, the one I’ve been talking about
all year & the one I’ll be enjoying this Thursday ( not bragging, just superb happy :D ). I have to pack everything
my flight leaves at 10.25 & haven’t even selected the pieces I’ll be taking, & I will have to be very very
picky now, I want to shop like a maniac.

Now back to the Gala, these are the looks that surprised me, the looks that haunt me, the looks that
I’d die to have:

Para mi el MET Ball es como el mundial de fútbol pero en el mundo de la moda, es la gala a la cual todos van
para impresionar (si no me creen solamente checkeen las galas anteriores, especialmente la que tenía a los
superheroes como tema). Desde Madonna hasta Rihanna (las –nnas son las más fabulosas), desde Karle Kloss
hasta Raquel Zimmermann, todo el mundo espera el MET Ball.
Este año el tema principal fue Savage Beauty, título que también tiene la exhibición que se celebraba, en honor
a Lee McQueen (si no saben de que hablo debe ser porque me visitan por primera vez, he estado hablando de
eso toodo el año).
Y por cierto, estén atentos porque voy a esta exhibición y claro que tomaré fotos para todos ustedes :)
Como se que lo que ustedes quieren es ver y no leer, me callo y aqui van los vestidos y las personas más fabulosas
de la noche:

for those who may not know, this woman is one of my muses, she’s just spectacular/ para los que no sepan esta
mujer es algo parecido a mi musa, es espectacular.

this is just MAJOR, you can’t get any better than this, the dress yells DRAMA
[Christina Ricci in custom made Zac Posen]

more after the jump
más después del salto

Iman in Stella McCartney

Valentino Fall 2010 Couture
if there’s something really hard is no to get influenced by trends & loose your essence, Elle  knows how to dress age appropriately & you can clearly see that here

         what can I say? she’s just being Janelle                          Joan Smalls in Tom Ford

a showstopper supermodel? right answer is Gisele of course, wearing a gorgeous gown by Lee, Fall 2005

the goddess, queen, icon.. everything bringing the star power in a beautiful silk Stella McCartney dress

HB working it, this is the way you wear McQueen.

Renee in her usual CH

SJP wearing McQueen archive from the Fall 2005 collection

Britt Maren

co-chairs of the exhibition

Florence performing in McQueen AW 2011

busy Janelle in Chanel

& with this I finish this post, remember, stay tuned for more of Savage Beauty

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  1. Epic! just Epic! So cool you are going there..you have to look fabulous!

    The Black Label