Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#FashionGlobeTrotter Mustard & Ketchup

Este es el segundo año consecutivo que asisto a Paris Fashion Week y déjenme decirles que si hay un show que siempre me agua los ojos es el de Louis Vuitton. Este año Nicolás Ghesquiére decidió mostrar su colección SS15 en el recién inaugurado edificio de la Fondation Louis Vuitton diseñado por Frank Ghery (en serio, uno de los edificios más increíbles que he visto). Obviamente, para una ocasión como esta es imperativo vestir algo edgy, cómodo, fashion-forward pero igual sencillo, pero que deje a los demás intrigados por más, suerte fue la mía de entonces conocer a Edeline Lee, una de mis diseñadoras favoritas de Londres quien me vistió de cuello hasta tobillos con su colección SS15, la que presentó en Somersert House en London Fashion Week. Antes que se hiciera tarde les quise mostrar el look completo, espero les guste y sino, bueno, váyase a comer un pedazo de limón.

This is my second year in a row attending the big leagues of fashion aka Paris Fashion Week (I’m sure not even Alex Rodríguez would be up for this game). If there’s one show that always moves me and brings kind of tears to my eyes is the Louis Vuitton show (I hope those were some LV branded tears at least); this year Nico Ghésquiere –the one’s closet to always call him Nico, hello!- decided to show his SS15 at the mint new Fondation Louis Vuitton, a building that seriously has got to be one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture that I’ve ever seen. Obviously, once I knew I was invited to this show all I could think was “what the fuck am I gonna wear?”, I needed something fashion-forward yet sensible and nonchalant, something that could let other dream but not fall asleep, and something that could translate well in Street-style pictures (I mean duh! You gotta milk the cow if you want to make it into Le21éme!), luckily for me, while I was in London I met the work of the amazing Edeline Lee, a designer that knows all about showstoppig-comfortable-edgy designs. Before it was too late –it is never too late- here’s the head-to-ankle look from her SS15 collection shown at Somerset House London; hope you like it, and if you don’t, well it is yours to miss :D

Look completo/complete look [Edeline Lee SS15]
Lentes/shades [SPEKTRE Sunglasses]
Zapatos/shoes [Zara]

Anillos/rings [Search & Destroy New York; INOX Panamá]

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