Friday, July 4, 2014

The Faces of #PRIDE

I’m writing this in English because I want to and you have to accept that. What may be seen as a tantrum really represents a stand for my rights to exist and to be embraced by all of you. I think is something called Human Rights.

I don’t know what has happened to me lately but suddenly maturity has hit me like a bullet in the chest. It can be because now I have a very demanding job that leaves no time for bullshit or because I haven’t had the time/opportunity to behave recklessly as I used to do a couple of month ago; it is fascinating to see how situations in you life can really shape your persona.

Same as me, this can happen to countries, ideologies, trends and communities. The exuberance of the 20’s flapper is logical when you see all of the pressure they experience during WWI; 80’s female liberation in the professional field found its reflection in the always striking form of power dressing, and just like these, we’re gonna continue to be formed by the consequences of our decisions.

The LGBT community has also graced itself with a pivotal maturity over the years; a great example of this can be seen in all the options the market has opened for us: gay focused magazines, resorts, restaurants, movies, clothing lines, oh lordy, we now live in a gay world!

While it may look like this is our time to finally be happy as a community it is exactly not the case. One of these days I was talking to a friend about his excitement of going to his first Gay Pride Parade here in Panama and it really struck me when he said something in the line of this: “what really bothers me are all of those queens and guys in heels, I think they’re very disrespectful to me and the community, they do not represent us.” Seconds later, the clear picture was presented to me: we gays love to hate.

Well let me tell you, you have to options: dissipate that hate by your own terms, learn to love & be loved, and go get a well-deserved blow-job, or keep at being a complete douchebag and life will make sure that hate bounces like a boomerang.

The beauty of being cannot be denied, as the great Fanny Brice (aka Her Royal Highness Barbra Streisand) once said: “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” Life is a ball that deserves to be spent dancing and drinking instead of hating, especially drag queens, I mean: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS HAPPENING TO YOU! DRAG QUEENS ARE THE BEST!

Next time you feel the word “hate” coming out of your mouth just stop, reflect on it and give a hug to the person next to you, I will assure you both of you are going to end up happy, and… isn’t that what life is for?


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