Friday, January 17, 2014

Girls is back!

Como pudieron haber visto en uno de mis posts más recientes, soy un gran fanático de Girls, la serie de televisión, la cual regresó después de 6 meses de estar fuera del aire el pasado domingo. Ya casi una semana después confieso ya haber visto los dos capítulos estreno más de 3 veces cada uno; esta temporada estará tan fucking buena que ni yo me lo creo, los scripts están tan bien escritos que decidí que durante toda la temporada les compartiré mis quotes  y momentos favoritos de cada capítulo. Aquí les van mis favoritos de los dos primeros capítulos ;)

As you may have seen in one of my recent blog posts, I am highly obsessed with Girls. After 6 months, the show returned to the warm embraces of its devoted fans, just like the prodigal son. Now, after almost a week of the premiere of the third season I confess that I’ve watch the first two episodes more than three times; this season is gonna be fucking awesome, I am in love with the script, specially Shoshanna’s –my female version. That’s why I decided to share with ya’ll my favorite quotes  and moments from each episode. Here are my picks from the first two episodes ;)

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Episode 1

“Did you leave in a rush?”  - The blonde fat chick

When Shoshanna was like super over studying. I’m loving her sassy self.

When Jessa was being ambushed by her rehab circle and she said “And btw guys, I figured my shit out already when I was 5 years old, okay? Heroine is really fun, but it can also kill you.”

And then she defended herself by highlighting Mindy’s outdated accessories choices, “Mindy enjoys wearing Scrunchies. No one has addressed that.”

When Hannah revealed to Adam the cornerstone of true, long-lasting friendship, “I’m not interested in anything they [her friends] have to say, that’s the whole point of friendship.”

Shoshanna’s strategy to become a full-force out there in the concrete jungle, “Basically it’s the beginning of like a somewhat sexually adventurous time for me; I’m alternating nights of freedom with nights of academic focus so that at the end of my senior year I will have had both experiences while also being like super well-prepared for the professional world.”

When Marnie broke down and explained to everyone when hot-and-rich Charlie dumped her, “I mean, we bought the ingredients to make grilled pizzas and we were supposed to make grilled pizzas and the day we were supposed to do that he left me, On what fucking planet does that make any sense?”

Answer: TBH Marnie, I really don’t know.

Episode 2

Thanks to this scene I’ve been seriously obsessed with Maroon 5’s One More Night this whole week.

When Shoshanna made a valid point about addicts’ honesty habits, “OMG that’s so true, they totally lie. My friend Rachel is fully addicted to Blueberry Redbull and she always tells me that she hasn’t had one but she tells me like with a blue tongue.”

And then defended Adam from Hannah’s passive-aggressive accusations, “I mean Adam was there for you when you went totally batshit insane and like,  decided to cut your hair like a little boy in a fancy cookie box.”

And then Hannah went out with a really feminist-awesome line, “Ok now you’re sounding like those guys who thinks a woman should never be president because her menstruation will cloud her judgement.”

When they finally stopped at what I supposed was a diner or an IHOP to grab something to eat and Shoshanna asked Adam one of the most interesting questions I’ve ever heard: “What’s your favorite utensil?” Mine’s the knife ;)

When Hannah got bored and Shoshanna confessed her perspective about boredom, “I will never be bored as long as there’s Halloween.”

When Shoshanna raised the flag for all of us who love sitcoms:
-       Hannah: “Do you think Adam’s right?”
-       Shoshanna: “About there being no value in watching sitcoms? NO, HE IS INSANE.”

And then shared with Hannah her thought about Jessa’s rehab situation: “Um yeah, like totally cool, it’s like a ride off passage for celebrities, like she probably already met Ryan Philippe and they’re engaged.”

When Adam went a little bit cray cray and decided to do an impromptu hike and then Shoshanna shared one of her friend’s Rachel exciting anecdotes: “My friend Rachel saw a guy giving a girl full-on cunnilingus on a hike just like this on a day just like this.”

When the Girls were finally together :D

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