Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Franchie from France #1

Those who know me recognize the obsession I have with everything French. From the Gran Palais et la Coulée Verte, from the Ladurée macaroons to the dimanche matins, quand Paris s'éveille, toutes les fetes se terminent à la boulangerie

Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais France is a country that reveille my most idyllic dreams & illusions. And suddenly we feel as if we were Andy, arriving to Paris, with U2’s City of Blinding Lights on the background, discovering a world where dreams shine in the most romantic ways.

This is why I asked a dear friend called Francesca to send me on a weekly basis inspirational pictures of what is to live in France, so we can dream together of that je ne sais pas quoi that we all idolize. 


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  1. Ufff Hermosas las encanta..exquisito..voy a estar super pendiente de esta sección.

    The Black Label