Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Louis Vuitton FW 2012

The fashion marketing here in Panama has landed in reachable hands, & I say that because now the bloggers are a big part of it. Big brands (such as Louis Vuitton) have noted that & have included us in their marketing plan.

This year is so important for the 158-years-old-fashion house since we (& with "we" I mean the fashion community) are celebrating 15 years of Marc Jacobs at the maison celebreQuinze ans qui ne se fument pas facilement.

There will also be a great exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs, in which the maison will fete the immense joy & impact Jacobs has brought to Louis Vuitton over the years. The opening of this exhibition will also be live streamed here so be sure not to miss it!

Showtime: 10 am (Paris time) 
Exhibition Opening: 8pm (Paris time) 

oh! I don't  forget to tweet with the official hashtag #LVLive ! Share with everyone this celebration of creativity!

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