Thursday, October 13, 2011

So dashing...

So I've been away for some time & I'm really sorry for that! Been working hard at the studio, now I have two more jobs as a Vlogger for an upcoming über-cool platform that's gonna be huge here in Panama (it's called ThinkTank) where me, Olguita  & Veronica will be in charge of the Fashion section (we will be like the new Robert Verdis & Heidis &Tyras of Panama), and another thing that I'll be talking with you later (very cool btw).

One thing that's been keeping me pretty busy these days is Dashing Diva Night, it's a shopping night, full of glamour, fashion & glitter. It'll be a very exclusive evening, from 4pm to 10pm (open Moët!!!), you'll have 6 hours a mini runway show by national & international designers, the best brands & the most beautiful people in town!

One of the sponsors of the evening is my studio, NOVAstudios, so once they told me we were gonna be doing the TV spots & promos I knew we had to do something fabulous! Here are the 3 versions, the first one is the official promo for social media, the second is the TV spot that will be appearing in RedCarpet & MixTV, the last one will be appearing in the huge huge huge screens in Via España & Calle 50, pretty exciting huh?

tickets are already for sale, find them in your nearest TicketCenter (Audiofoto) !
for more information visit the Event Page in Facebook here!

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