Monday, August 8, 2011

Ganexa FWPanama 2011 -Day2



I’m making a come back, well, sort of, cause I still have 3 finals to ultimate. I am truly sorry that I’ve been this absence. As you know I’m divided between two careers & my own business, plus many projects that are coming up :)

This time I’m sharing the talents of our fashion newcomers, Ganexa (my ex university, where I studied a year & a half of photography). I’m dividing the post in 6 mini parts, each one of them guided by the designers name & my … opinion?

Well, here we go…

first is Isabel Chacin




pure white is the color of the season, right on target. I liked the flapper vibe, I will always be into that, some of the fabric choices were not really of my liking, but for a fashion student it was pretty good.


next is Keyris de León



there’s just one look that I didn’t like cause of the shape, besides from that, really flattering pieces with a futuristic vibe (don’t you see one of the Jetsons here?), really liked the colors & kind of color blocking collection now that I see it, our guys are really paying attention to what’s going on internationally :)


we continue with Verónica Larre



We get to the point where a concept serves as a double-edge sword, it can get a little costume-ish. I shot some of Veronica’s work & she is s super creative girl, she is capable of doing great things out of concepts & creative guidelines, we worked so well. Again, I see The Jetsons ghost throughout the whole collection, but I would have loved to see a high fashion version of The Jetsons.


fourth in the row is Melissa Guerrero



I see many women I know inside these clothes & I like that. Another positive thing about this collection is the fact that coming from a senior student, it doesn’t look like it, these clothes are ready for boutiques sales & people will actually spend money on them, I am sure of it. Nice colors, perfect for our country.


almost wrapping up with Londy Mendieta


















Believe it or not (I think you all know) I’m all about darkness & gore-ish things. I have a thing for serial killers & skulls. My top designers are Lee (all hail to McQueen), Gareth & Rick. So it’s no secret that I hit jackpot with this collection, I WANT IT ALL!!!

Apart from the subjective factors, it is sartorially amazing. The details are amazing & I loved the juxtaposition of flowy fabrics with those chaquira armors, the Rocky Horror shoes (did you noticed how look-a-like they are from the Prada sandwich shoes?).

Great to see that new guys are making a notable effort :)


& we conclude with Josse Karlos de Janon



Everyone went BA-NA-NAS for this mini-collection (all of these collections are actually half their graduation presentations) & there’s no doubt why. Just laying it down like this, this is the most avant we panamenian have gone ever & I am very glad that someone from my generation took the first step.

It is super curious ‘cause I’d buy almost everything BUT the 2nd look, which means women clothing is more appealing than the one the guy’s wearing & that’s exactly what Josse Karlo wanted to portray, I am actually chatting with him as I write these words & the main goal of his clothes is to blur the line between genres & invite everyone to embrace the human (note that I said human, not men or women) nature we hide inside us.

It’s an idea that I totally support since our society is moving more & more towards the union of society, that shows us that the clothes do have a profound effect in and from social & political statements. I say it again, I am very happy dared to do something like this & I just hope he’s not the only one in our Panama.


With this I end up this post ‘cause my warm bed is waiting for me, tomorrow I have to present my Theory of Image final & am really excited about it, made a magazine with my group & I was in charge of the fashion (how unpredictable of me!), the cover & the cover feature, worked really hard on it, I’ll see if I upload the photos of it later, once I finish with Fashion Week :(

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  1. These guys did a really good job. I love it
    The shoes of Josse Karlos de Janon’s collection are Alexander Mcqueen’s , aren’t they? They were just perfect.
    Mauricio, thanks very much for everything. Your blog is the best :)