Monday, December 13, 2010

Keren B

Keren is a mother. Keren is a blogger. Keren is a daughter & she's my friend. She soon will be featured at a very important american fashion website so I helped her with the photos. Since she's sweet as honey & her style is vintage at its definition I wanted the photos to look a little bit faded, I think I succeeded :)

If you want to see her Polyvore skills, which are known to be exceptional (she even won I think $1000 in Marc Jacobs because of it) then click here & start following her!


  1. Keren is gorgeous she truly is...and you I said..applause maxima!! ;)

  2. Mau que lindo post,gracias por tu apoyo las fotos salieron lindas. Eres un super amigo y fotografo :)
    aparte de eso tomarse fotos es una experiencia muy divertida y agotadora.

  3. Keren <3
    que hermosa eres, de verdad
    las fotos woohh!

    un abrazo a los 2 por esta producción