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 Enero marca una fecha muy importante para mi: el regreso mis series favoritas y el comienzo de nuevos shows de televisión que me tendrán pegado a la pantalla de mi laptop durante el año. Muchas de estas series han tomado una pausa por las fiestas de fin de año pero también hay otras que se han desaparecido por mucho más tiempo.

Cuando me acercaba más al 2014 tenía dos cosas en mente: “ya falta menos para que regrese Girls” y “ya falta menos para que estrene Looking”; si no saben de que hablo permítanme refrescar su gris vida con un poco de color televisivo gracias a las mentes maestras de HBO.


January’s arrival marks something very important in my calendar: the Prodigal Son-ish return of my favorite TV shows. Some of them were taking a holiday break, but others were just making me more anxious since being out of the scene for 6 months is what they usually do for their vacations.

Last year, every single day that passed meant that I was getting closer to: 1) the return of HBO’s Girls and 2) the premiere of Looking, HBO’s new baby, or should I say boy toy? If you are not fully aware of what I’m talking about let me bring some colors and clarity to your sad, grey and blurry life.

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Girls: narra la historia de 4 muchachitas en New York, es sinceramente una de las series mejores escritas de los últimos años y es producida, escrita y co-dirigida por Lena Dunham, una man de 27 años que ya ha ganado 2 Emmys por esta serie, este domingo se estrenan los dos primeros episodios de la tercera temporada, lo que indica que tienes que mover tu nalga y devorarte las dos primeras temporadas en 2 días. Si tendría que calificarla le pondría: 7 botellas de vodka de 5.

Girls: it tells the story of Hannah Horvat, a Young girl that along with her clique live it up New York style. It serves real realness as you get to know these girls (and guys… and gays) problems that may sound like deep-shit but at the end are just the perks and cons of being young. The show is co-directed, produced and written by its leading lady, Lena Dunham, who is now like the Buddha of a generation. The premiere of its 3rd season is this Sunday so if you are not familiarized with these gurls I would recommend you to move you ass and start indulging the other two season, I guarantee you will thank me later. My qualification for this show is: 7 bottles of vodka out of 5.


Looking: en mis años de adolescencia, justo en ese momento cuando acepté mi identidad como un niño que le gustaban los niños, solo hubo una serie que me enseñó claramente (y crudamente también) el modo de vida de mis ancestros gays de los 90s, Queer As Folk es a mi opinión una de las mejores series que ha sacado HBO hasta el momento, por la simple razón de que fue la primera en mostrar al público las verdades de una comunidad que por mucho tiempo permaneció como tabú.

Casi 20 años después, HBO lanza una serie que cuenta las andanzas de un grupo de jóvenes gays en San Francisco, lejos de la vistosidad y la algarabía que “caracteriza” a la comunidad gay, Looking muestra personajes reales con lo que muchos nos identificaremos; aparte, Jonathan Groff es el protagonista y como toda serie de esta network, habrá nudity, which means I am totally in!. La serie estrena el 19 de enero y como no se con cuantas botellas de vodka calificarla, me las tomaré. 

Looking: when I came out during my pubescent years there was only one TV show that explored the rawness of the LGBT community. As a little rabbit in a field filled with unicorns Queer as Folk was the first window where I could see what being gay was like when I was little; while I was dreaming about Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic there were for sure four guys having raunchy sex in the bathroom of a gay club in Atlanta, in some sort of way I thank this show for opening up my eyes to the world I was walking into as a gay man. It also meant a huge step for the whole community; HBO was one of the first (if not the only one) to openly talk about these issues, which were once considered taboo.

Nowadays it seems that being gay is the cool thing, but in HBO’s old fashion Looking brings to the surface through the intertwining stories of a group of gay men living in San Francisco what many of us are not comfortable talking about: the fear of loneliness, the deviant roads of the gay underworld, awkward sex, the perennial quest for the self, the concern of being rejected, the tenderness and warmth of a relationship between two men, et al.; everything away from the paraphernalia of the flamboyant cliché of being gay. Also, Jonathan Groff stars in it and may include nudity, I’m in! The show premieres Jan 19th and I don’t know how many bottles of vodka I should give so I’m gonna drink them.


Ya con esos humildes resúmenes puestos sobre la mesa solo les quiero contar que estoy fucking emocionado y no puedo esperar hasta el domingo asi que me reuní con unas amigas cercanas, le dijimos a nuestro amigo Eduardo Vega Patiño y fuimos al atelier de Sara Bassan por ropita para después tomarnos estas fotitos en las que cada uno representa su personaje favorito de Girls, en mi caso, adoro a Shoshana y obviamente a Elijah (digo, estamos hablando de Andrew Rannells), pero ¿cuál es el/la tuya? Are you a Gurl?

With this reprise being presented I just want to say that I am fucking excited, I cannot wait until Sunday, so I gathered some of my closest friends for a photoshoot inspired by our favourite characters from Girls, I’m all about Shoshanna and Elijah. Then we asked our friend Eduardo Vega to take the pictures while wearing Panamanian designer Sara Bassan. Now that you know my favourite Girl I wanna know, which Gurl do you think represent you at your most? Are you a Girl? Will be waiting for your comments ;)

Y ahora una lista de algunos de mis quotes favoritos de  la segunda temporada: 
And now a list of some of my favorite quotes from season 2:

1.    “I can’t be surrounded by your negativity while I’m trying to grow into a fully formed woman.”  - Shoshanna

2.    “Will you get out of me?”   - Shoshanna

3.    “I’m socializing, I’m sorry if that’s not working for you, my social butterflyness.”  - Shoshanna

4.    “Where is she? What is she wearing? Is it linen?”  - Shoshanna

5.    “Usually when people say they wanna be a writer they really don’t wanna do anything except, ya know, eat and masturbate.”   - Ray

6.    “She keeps saying she has news, but I net she just wrote a new blog post or found a new hot dog or something.”   - Marnie

7.    “It a Wednesday night baby and I’m alive!”   - Hannah

8.    “Let’s have the type of night where it’s 5 am and one of us has definitely punched someone who’s been on a Disney channel show.”   - Elijah

9.    Eljah: “what the fuck are you wearing?”
Marnie: “my uniform”
Elijah: “you look like a slutty Von Trapp child.”

10. “I may be deflowered but I am not devalued.”   - Shoshanna

11. “You are from New York, therefore you are just naturally interesting.”   - Hannah

12. “You know what the weirdest part about having a job is? You have to be there everyday, even on the days you don’t feel like it.”  - Jessa

13. “I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time, thinks I’m the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me.”   - Hannah

14. “Jessa has HPV, like a couple of different strains of it. She says that all adventurous women do. I guess in the STD world it’s kinda courteous.” – Shoshanna

15. “You know what I’m gonna do from now on, I’m gonna ask people if they’re gay before I have sex with them.”   - Hannah

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