Friday, April 5, 2013

Goodbye MAGIC ;(

Chinchilla Fur Headband [Belle Fare] Shirt [Givenchy] Leather Jacket [Zara] Pants [Zara] Belt [Guess] Sneakers [Converse] Bracelets [BCBG] Shades [Urban Outfitters] Book [Alexander McQueen: The Life & The Legacy by Judith Watts]

Las despedidas son momentos bien importantes y decisivos en nuestras vidas y obviamente hay que estar vestido a la altura para estos momentos.

Espero que sea un hasta luego y no un adiós MAGIC L

PD: si quieres, sólo si quieres checkea mi último post sobre FN Platform y MAGIC aquí.


Goodbyes are very important moments in our lives & you have to obviously be dressed for the moment!!

I hope it’s an “a bientot” & not an “au revoir” MAGIC L

PD: only if you want to check out my roundup post of FN Platform & MAGIC then click here, if you don’t want to then that’s not my problem. 

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