Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After the Storm

I’ve been very alert of what Sandy has been doing up there in the States & I know that it hasn’t been that nice. You may think “what the fuck does a girl in Converse has to do with the hurricane!?” but I found that it had logical sense since she is a model that I shot right after she got out of a show.

Fashion shows are total chaos backstage & I’m sure it’s a relief for all the models to put on their sneakers & run outside to take a cab & walk another show, as stupid as it may sound, I would be relieved after a show.

So the explanation made I really hope all the people in all the states that have been affected are ok, and for those that lost something or someone, well, as cliché as it is, rainbows always shine after the storm, so get out & appreciate all the colors in the sky :)

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