Monday, September 17, 2012

IAN for ConversePTY

Converse asked me to go on a quest of people that had that a Converse vibe while I was in New York, thanks to my dear Ana Melissa I found the perfect ones, here’s the first of them.

Name: Ian Holubiak.

Age: 22 years old.

Profession: I am the guitarist, singer, songwriter, and harmonica player for my indie folk band Wooly & the Mammoth. 

How does Converse fit you lifestyle? I have been wearing Converse since I was in middle school. When I was younger, my style centered around Converse. The monochromatic black kicks that I had were a pair of shoes I felt were essential to my identity as being a part of the alternative. Now, the shoes serve as both my athletic apparel for when I have down time from the band as well as a pair of shoes that aren't merely sneakers but a vehicle for wherever my music takes me.

Share five songs that capture your Converse lifestyle & personal essence:

Tombstone Blues by Bob Dylan
Montana by Youth Lagoon
Teenage Color by College
Revelation Blues by The Tallest Man On Earth
Somebody To Love by Jefferson Airplane


Nombre: Ian Holubiak.

Edad: 22.

Profesión: Soy el guitarrista, cantante, songwriter y toco la harmonica para Wooly & the Mammoth, mi banda de musica indie folk.

Cómo Converse complementa tu estilo de vida? He usado Converse practicamente toda mi vida. Cuando estaba en la escuela mi estilo se centraba en mis Converse. Las Converse clásicas que tenía eran esenciales para mi como alguien que le gustaba lo alternativo pero que al mismo tiempo guardaba fidelidad a un estilo propio. Hoy en día Converse esta conmigo en todo momento y representan mas que un par de zapatos, son el vehículo que me transporta donde sea que mi música me lleve.

5 canciones que capturan tu estilo de vida Converse & esencia personal:

Tombstone Blues by Bob Dylan
Montana by Youth Lagoon
Teenage Color by College
Revelation Blues by The Tallest Man On Earth
Somebody To Love by Jefferson Airplane


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