Monday, June 13, 2011

Garland Coo MEN

I've had an eye on a German brand for a while
their aesthetic is very much alike mine

founded in the south of Germany nearby 
the Black Forest, the translation of their values
& dark heritage is very well seen in their work

the men collection is a mixture of tailormade 
elements & avantgardistic sophisticated patterns 

Slim cut silhouettes are in contradistinction to 
oversized capes and trousers.Tough fabrics like s
hag, loden, handdyed heavy cotton or leather 
contrasting with batiste, linen $ fine woolen fabrics.

It is the contrast between tradition and avantgarde, 
between Black Forestian heritage and metropolitan
warriors, between bondage schemes and clear defined folds, 
handprints and handdyed fabrics.

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