Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What will Lady Gaga wear at the Grammys?

Nicola Formichetti posted some of his options for Gaga to wear at the 53rd Grammy Awards in his Twitter account, here are all of them: 

Givenchy Couture 2010

Christian Dior Couture 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture 2010

Valentino Couture 2010

Giambatista Valli Pre-Fall 2011

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

now, what would you like to see
Gaga wearing?


  1. I think the black, yellow and red-flower-inspired-ball gown, but who know, i'll also like to the see her in the Givenchy Couture dress that Natasha Poly is wearing, it might be interesting. I thought, maybe her wearing the first look of the spring 2004 Christian Dior Couture Collection, the one Erin O'Connow wore.

  2. I normally don't like gigantic couture dresses for awards because it makes you look like you are trying to hard & specially for the Grammy where it's about having effortless fun, but considering the McQueen & Armani gowns Gaga wore at the VMA's it's an exception.

  3. I think that

    Red Carpet: that Christian Dior gown you said.

    Two for Audience: the JPG BDSM inspired couture dress & the Givenchy Joan Smalls is wearing (idk, fauc fur is huge now & it reminds me of the human hair dress she wore.

    Press Room: the Giambatista is perfect, it is like the thing she wore outside the White House for the gay march.

    Bonus: the third look from the Chanel looks, I don't see her using neither the first nor the second, they are sort of matronly.

    I don't think Nicola likes dressing his clients with gowns from previous seasons, I've never seen him using them, not even in editorial work.
    But it's always the door open for new things I think.

  4. I want her to wear the Giambatista Valli Pre-Fall 2011 D:

  5. I would love it if she wore Givenchy, the first outfit <3

  6. you have to choose 4 outfits, counting Red Carpet, at least two when she's in the audience & maybe when she is receiving awards & for the press room, & the one for the performance, but that last one I think must be overly dramatic & structured.